Un hermano.

J Hermanos Cigars was founded in 2013 by John Kuvinka and Justin Miller as a purveyor of premium quality cigars and tobacco. Today it represents a collective of aficionados from the realms of tobacco, spirits, and any other enjoyment of the good life.

As J Hermanos grows its official website will serve to provide product reviews and recommendations, industry updates, and leisure reading regarding all of the finer things.

Los Hermanos, or “the brothers” have been in the cigar business for over ten years, and have been friends for even longer. John and Justin grew up in the same neighborhood of suburban Pennsylvania, just near 20 miles north of Pittsburgh. Their journey into the world of cigars began after a meal in one of Pittsburgh’s premier restaurants. Sharing a smoke and reflecting on the evening’s events brought the two friends to commence in an exploration of the cigar culture and all the enjoyments it has to offer. Over the following years Los Hermanos traversed the Pittsburgh area, looking for local tobacconists and smoke shops that offered the best in premium cigars. Along the way they met many great people from different establishments and cigar manufacturers from far and wide. The cigars they enjoyed and the friendships they made contributed to their vast knowledge of the art and science behind cigar production and the culture of tobacco. Naturally, any enjoyment such as a fine cigar is best paired with quality libations, a world to which Los Hermanos are also no strangers.

Los Hermanos now devote their leisure time to developing the J Hermanos brand and sharing with their close friends and readers as much information as possible about their experiences in the cigar and spirit world. Laying the groundwork for a manufacturer and purveyor of premium quality cigars bearing the J Hermanos name is no simple task, but Los Hermanos feel that it’s a project worth undertaking. Along the journey to the top, J Hermanos wishes to welcome new friends and supporters to their world of diversion and enjoyment, leaving no stone unturned and no leaf un-burned.